Creeks within Us

Lost wax casted and slumped glass, stainless steel, photopolymer 3D print, latex, 45 x 15 x 29 cm

We, as blood, bile, intracellular fluid, and water, are like a small ocean, and a wild wetland in our gut. The creeks within us make their way from the inside out, from our watery womb to the wet world outside. We leak and seethe, and our borders are vulnerable to rupture and renegotiation.


Aldea Gallery
Bergen, Norway
16.03 - 16.04.2023
Group show with Nicolas Lamas and  George Henry Longly 
photos: © Simon Veres
exhibition shots photos: © Thor Brødreskift

Stainless steel and 3D print made at production residency in Aldea, Bergen (NO)
Glass casting made at production residency in MAKE EINDHOVEN supported by Mondriaan Fonds




Apr 16
Aldea Gallery, Bergen (NO) - Show Ends
Mar 16
Aldea Gallery, Bergen (NO) - Opening