Commissioned by Orkest De Ereprijs (NL)

“that all things occur eternally and we ourselves along with them, and that we have already been here times eternal and all things along with us.”
F. Nietzsche

“ENDLESS” looks at the concept of the loop and the ouroboros. This work was composed to repeat itself in eternal cycles of performative transformations.

For 2 fl, cl, alto sax, bar sax, hrn, trumpet, 2 trmbn, tuba, perc, e guitar, e bass, pno.

Thanks to Aspasia Nasopoulou (Artistic Director Orkesr De Ereprijs)


Jun 18
National Composer's Day, 15h -16h Arnhem Museum (NL)
Jun 12
Aardlek #6: Take Time, 15h -16h CODA Museum, Apeldoorn (NL)