Connecting Acoustic Spaces

Sound Sculptures (2020-21-22)

“Connecting Acoustic Spaces” are sound and light glass sculptures with a multichannel soundscape created with 500 collected audio recordings from around the world since the corona lockdown in Europe. Dating from March 2020 till March 2021

From the 15th March 2020 the beginning of the lock down in Europe due to COVID-19 I invited artist, friends, colleagues and people to send me recordings of their acoustic environment.

Supported by Fonds Podium Kunsten (NL) 

I am involved in the way we are listening and interpreting our surroundings, especially in this time where we are experiencing a global pandemic, partial lockdowns in different time frames, intensities and outcomes.

Throughout the first lockdown our urban acoustic environment changed radically. It has not only impacted our cities but also diverse scientific research. In seismology the drop of the human noise footprint was between 20% and 50% and that has helped to easily spot micro-earthquakes. This “silence wave” helped to record and archive tremor fingerprints that were not audible previously.

I find it very relevant how, gradually, our noise footprint increases and how unaware we were (are?) of the huge impact it has.

This has brought me to reflect on: How do we imagine ourselves as listening objects, bodies? The need to understand our own acoustic agency and how it tunes in or makes sense with our and other sonic environments.

In this work I was interested in your interpretation and the way you listened through the first pandemic year. From the beginning of the quarantine, the transition of relaxing regulations and how gradually, our noise foot print increases and how unaware we were (are?) of the huge impact of it.

Thak you for your contribution!

Glass production:
Maria Koshenkova and the team of Holmegaard Værk (DK)
Glasshütte Comploj, Vienna (AT)


Meanwhile I listened.

Viennese acoustic transition 
From the 15th March till 10th May 2020
Locations and times in order of appearance.
Audio file: 5’02’’ 

18:15 Sebastian Kelch Gasse
09:30 Schafberwiese
21:27 Stephanplatz
18:35 Stadtpark
21:40 Parkring
20:01 Wiener Staatoper 
21:51 Kohlmarkt
21:56 Kohlmarkt
21:01 Hofburg dome - Sissi Museum 
17:02 Heldenplatz
17:01 Kreuzeichenwiese
20:27 Sebastian Kelch Gasse
18:47 Kahlenbergerdorf auf den Nussberg
18:12 Margaretenstrasse
17:42 Ameisgasse
21:18 Graben
19:53 Raimundhof
17:56 Mariahilfestrasse
19:58 Neubaugasse 
20:02 Neubaugasse U3
23:35 Schottenring U2
20:21 Unfallkrankenhaus- Kundratstrasse