sound sculpture and mix media (2021)

from her series "Acoustic Ecologies" and her research between the natural and the artificial, 
FEMALE ORGASM was a "mistake". it was supposed to become another sculpture (with different process in mind), until it accidently bursted ...

"I am interested in the way we are listening and interpreting our surroundings. How do we imagine ourselves as listening objects, bodies? The need to understand our own acoustic agency and how it tunes in or makes sense with our and other sonic environments. With this practice, I have found many connections and overlaps with the material of glass. 
Glass is rigid, brittle, an amorphous solid made of lustrous material made by ingenious fusion of silica. It transmits sound energy at its resonant frequency and at low frequencies. 
Its resonance changes with thickness. It vibrates like a drum head when its body meets equal frequencies. It’s own acoustic space and sound reflections - glass transmits a lot of sound energy. It also disperses and multiplies … How similar we are as bodies to those materials.

I love glass as a material. Its natural character, its physical transformation from viscous to solid, the flux and the quick act of shaping/sculpting it in seconds. 
There is no time to overthink when one works with fire. I guess the analogy with orgasming it's quite straightforward ..." NDR

Glass production:
Maria Koshenkova and the team of Holmegaard Værk (DK)


Nov 04
Ve.Sch Kunstverein, Vienna (AT)