wearable objects (2021)

Have you ever wondered what you would hear if you could reduce extreme pressure and truly open your ears? WINDSHIELD is an immersive auditory experience by artist and music composer Natalia Domínguez Rangel. Through this interactive experience, participants will have the opportunity to wear WINDSHIELD, a one-to-one human-scale replica of the windshield from the NT-SF1 microphone from Røde, and explore our auditory landscapes. Step into a world of heightened sonic awareness and discover the hidden sounds of your surroundings. Take a moment to pause, think, and reflect on a deeper level. Become your own human microphone, redefining your perception of the world through the power of critical listening and the essence of your own listening body.

Commissioned by Design Art & Technology - ArtEZ Univeristy of the Arts (Arnhem) for the student field trip "Control-Alt-Nature"
Special thanks to Bram de Groot, Dimitrije Gojkovic, Leanne Wijnsma and Martijn van Boven.


Apr 15
Archipel Festival, Geneva (CH) - till this date
Apr 12
Archipel Festival, Geneva (CH) - Opening
Feb 10
Sonic Acts Biennial 2024, Amsterdam (NL)


Jun 18
Toets des Tijds, Amsterdam (NL)
Jun 17
Toets des Tijds, Amsterdam (NL)


Dec 19
GOLF Festival, Haarlem (NL) - Festival Ends
Dec 15
GOLF Festival, Haarlem (NL) - Festival Opens
Jun 19
Hornhuizen, Groningen (NL)